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At AGENDA, we create meaningful partnerships that allow us to contribute with our communication expertise in sustainability projects. We are excited to share a recent collaboration that has brought the delightful world of Boulebar Allégade into the spotlight – a cozy petanque bar offering a blend of delectable food and lively social interaction.

Our collaboration with Boulebar has been an exciting journey focusing on PR, press initiatives and influencer marketing. AGENDA has had the pleasure of working closely with Boulebar to create a compelling press campaign. Boulebar's enchanting story featured in Euroman, Berlingske, Mig&Kbh and other small local media.

Spotlight on Boulebar

From crafting compelling press materials to developing an engaging narrative, AGENDA has played a crucial role in bringing out Boulebar's unique charm. We take pride in contributing to showcasing Boulebar's blend of relaxation, community, and culinary delights, ultimately securing them a spot in prestigious press pages.

Experience the Boulebar adventure

Whether you're a petanque enthusiast, a food lover in search of a distinctive dining spot, or simply seeking an extraordinary place to unwind, Boulebar Allégade offers an experience far from the ordinary. AGENDA's collaboration with Boulebar underscores our commitment to spotlighting exceptional concepts that resonate with audiences seeking authenticity and memorable moments.

AGENDA's collaboration with Boulebar has been a journey of creativity and synergy. Together, we've highlighted Boulebar's unique essence through the art of communication, and we invite everyone to experience a world where relaxation, community, and culinary excellence converge.

Curious to delve into the world of Boulebar? Visit their enchanting establishment and discover the magic that AGENDA has helped bring to the forefront!

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