Responsible Communications Consulting

Based in Copenhagen, with a global outlook

We help you communicate strategically on multiple channels, hit performance targets and increase brand awareness. Always with responsibility in mind.
AGENDA CPH is a responsible consulting agency for the new times.

Established in 2022 AGENDA CPH arises from a commitment to help companies, organisations and leaders addressing the global challenges of the 21st century.

Our primary expertise services include PR, strategic consulting, copywriting, communications and leadership advisory.

The mission is twofold: 1) assist companies communicating on multiple channels, with intriguing storytelling that enhances brand awareness and create a respectable brand. 2) Bringing the newest knowledge of business, people and leadership sustainability to the table and hereby enable positive changes in society.

With a keen understanding of emerging trends and dynamic markets, we offer tailored quality solutions for businesses that wants to inspire and lead the media agenda with this offset in mind. That is where our name derives from.

We craft stories that resonate, strategies that inspire, and content that drive results. 
 We work with a long-term values based branding approach, but we also know when a brand needs to adapt swiftly to change.
The goal is to always connect with audiences in meaningful ways and develop strategies that safeguards reputations.

We believe in the transformative power of storytelling and the impact of earned media. From strategic positioning to media coverage, we want to ensure that every brand we touch not only thrives commercially but also leaves a positive mark on the world. That is what we call responsible branding.

With affiliates and creative partners across the Nordics and most parts of Europe, we’re proud to serve clients who share our commitment to excellence and impact globally.  

We want to redefine what it means to communicate in the 21st century, by focusing on quality, sustainability and performance.
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