Photo of Asbjørn giving a talk

Sustainability is the new common standard and the race towards net zero is aligned through the regulated European Taxonom, which enables all industries to target reductions in greenhouse gasses, leading to a better environment, more affordable fossil free energy, decarbonization of transportation, green job creation, and improved quality of life on a global scale.

But how does the trends and tendencies in sustainability affect your sector or industry, and how do you need comply with the new regulations and most important: how can you do business with a positive footprint, creating an better future for the next generations growing up at a vital planet?

In this inspiring presentation AGENDA founder Asbjørn Riis-Søndergaard follows the red thread of the sustainable agenda, shows best-in-class sustainable business cases, visualize the most important data for your company and gives unique insights into the creative process of positioning your brand as sustainable without greenwashing and with true authenticity.

The broad perspective of this presentation makes it ideal as a kick-off talk setting the scene for your next steps within sustainable development.

The presentation can also have a stronger focus on philosophy and the history of sustainability as an idea.

Asbjørn is engaging and well prepared. He has a talent of reducing complexities and operationalizing difficult knowledge. His presentation is inspiring and leads to new ideas and actions

Else Marie Markvordsen, principal at Struer Højskole (former)
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