Photo of a MicroShade building

MicroShade® is a new green technology solving the challenges of solar shading with a low carbon footprint, while ensuring people's well-being and reducing the total life-cycle cost of buildings.

MicroShade’s technology is installed inside the glazing and provides efficient solar shading thus saving energy. At the same time MicroShade ensure plenty of daylight and a clear view to the outside leading to increased well-being and work productivity.

We have helped to reposition MicroShade as a green product emphasising the mission and showing how the technology affects the carbon footprint of the building sector. In a collaboration with CEO and Head of Technical Development at MicroShade we created a GREEN PAPER showing how the business identity reflects sustainability values. As part of the sustainability turnaround the GREEN PAPER furthermore highlighted how MicroShade manages sustainability reporting (CSRD), green product certifications and avoids greenwashing in communications. 

Further, we developed the new tagline and visual identity of MicroShade that was presented along with the publication of the GREEN PAPER. 

We want to contribute to the development of a strong community of impact companies in Denmark, why we consider our clients as partners that we are committed to help. That is why we have a long-term deal with MicroShade about helping with PR-strategies, Social Media activation and specific communications tasks.

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