Online climate supermarket

Founded in 2022 Foody’s mission is to serve the conscious consumer with organic, plant based and sustainable groceries. Foody is an online supermarket aiming to make it easier to live and consume inan environmentally friendly way without it being more costly or time consuming.

Foody differentiates from other grocery stores by not offering quantity discounts or sets up minimum purchase for delivery. Foody do not want to encourage overconsumption and the risk of food waste.

We have helped to position Foody as an impact brand in the online supermarket industry by doing strategic business consulting, copywriting core story, key sustainability texts and helping with PR events and activities.

We want to contribute to the development of a strong community of impact companies in Denmark, why we consider our clients as partners that we are committed to help. That is why we have a long-term agreement with Foody about helping with PR-strategies, Social Media activation and relevant communications tasks.

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