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At AGENDA, we strive to be at the forefront of supporting sustainable innovations. We are proud to present our latest collaboration with Celsia, one of Norway's most successful startups, who have developed groundbreaking software to streamline and enhance companies' preparation of sustainability reports in compliance with EU's new regulations.

Celsia is a leading force in sustainability and innovation. By combining advanced technology with in-depth knowledge of sustainability, they have developed software that addresses companies' challenges in creating accurate and comprehensive sustainability reports. Celsia's solution is not just a gamechanger in reporting, but also a positive force for companies looking to make a real impact in the realm of sustainable transition.

Our Role

We are excited to collaborate with Celsia and assist them with PR strategies in Denmark and Sweden. Our goal is to share Celsia's vision and contributions to sustainability with a broader audience. Leveraging our expertise in communication and media management, we aim to provide Celsia with the necessary platform to share their innovative message. We collaborated with the PR-agency Obeya PR in all swedish activities.

Sustainability Reporting

Celsia's software is a testament to how technology can pave the way for more sustainable business practices. By offering companies an intuitive and efficient way to generate sustainability reports, Celsia ensures not only compliance with EU regulations but also a more transparent and responsible approach to sustainability.

AGENDA's collaboration with Celsia is a step towards shaping a more sustainable future. By assisting companies in meeting the sustainability requirements of EU's new regulations, we strengthen the collective effort to effect positive change and reduce our impact on the environment.

Celsia's software represents a significant stride towards more efficient and responsible sustainability reporting. AGENDA's partnership with Celsia reflects our commitment to supporting innovative solutions that enable businesses to take sustainable steps towards a better future. We look forward to continuing this partnership and working with Celsia to spread their sustainability message widely in Denmark and Sweden.

Want to learn more about Celsia’s groundbreaking software and our partnership? Stay tuned to our social media channels and stay updated.

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