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Boholtgaard is an agricultural site in Denmark producing apple beverages. The plantation site is owned and managed by Flemming Jørgensen. In 2019 they lost most of the production due to extreme weather conditions, leaving Flemming and his team with little choice but to pivoting the production. With help and support from all around Denmark, Flemming started to produce applecjuice from the hail-damaged apples with great success.

At AGENDA we have managed to reposition Boholtgaard as a climate friendly applejuice-producer, that reduces food waste by using all apples, even the ugly, damaged and deformed ones, while also reducing the footprint of the entire production, from collecting the apples by hands to transporting the product to customers. We repositioned the main product as MOSTBOKSEN – regenerative applemost. We developed the idea of planting a wild apple forest with high levels of bio-diversity at the farm in collaboration with all customers buying the product, making sure that every delicious Boholtgaard apple leads to impact for a sustainable future. 

Changing the narrative from Hjælpen – a supportive start up project, to Boholtgaard – The Regenerative Apple Yard gave Flemming a clear core story of having a smart and impactful apple plantation, with a purpose of producing a high-quality beverage product with a big impact on the world.   

To underline the importance of clear climate action before storytelling, we developed an LCA in a partnership with SustainX to make sure we had all the right data and numbers to brand Boholtgaard as sustainable. 

We furthermore developed a new website in a partnership with Marginal and are continuously helping Flemming and his team using his new position to grow and attract new target groups, followers, building his impact community and most importantly: producing in a more sustainable way. 

"Our collaboration with Asbjørn from AGENDA has been very ambitious and professional. We have felt very reassured due to his comprehensive knowledge as he led the bricks for our new business identity and sustainability strategy"

Rikke Lund-Juul, Head of Business, Boholtgaard
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